TOI Taste of India Restaurant, Riyadh

TOI Restaurant: Contacts: 0505923330 / 4091333


<New>Join Kabab Weekend at TOI to enjoy Ssssuper variety kababs and Indian delicacies at Wow Low prices !!! 

TOI Restaurant provides you the most hygienic and delicious Indian (North and South) food at reasonable rates.  

The settings are nice and clean,   dishes range from delicious biryanis and  tandoors to south Indian rice specialities.    

Best options for your parties and delivery to groups!!







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Contacts: 0505923330 / 4091333


TOI Menu highlights 

       Delicious Biryanis

     Chicken Delicacies

       Mutton Spiced to perfection

       Fish - fresh, savory 

       Cherishing  Chinese

       South Indian meals

       TOI Special Broast 

       ..... and much more

  • TOI is located in the Batha main street aside Shifa Clinic
  • Near the second pedestrian cross
  • Behind the Mist multi-shop/City Flower